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  • Dynamic interactive presentations for greater effect Dynamic interactive presentations for greater effect

    Creating real time animation, PowerPoint™ presentations showcasing interactive timelines, exhibits, graphs or charts, and developing dynamic multimedia vehicles as needed for trial cases is the sole responsibility of our presentation specialist.

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  • Visual aides
    for high impact

    Visual aides and effective graphics are vital in painting the picture of your client’s story; most people comprehend complex ideas or timelines with images that help illustrate the key components of a case.

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    Visual aides<br/>for high impact
  • Media options and professional insight for your graphical solution
    • Digital Compositing
    • Interactive Animations
    • On-Location Photography
    • Graphic Design
    • Exhibit Boards & Timelines
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    Media options and professional insight for your graphical solution

Presenting the facts in a dynamic and visual way!

Trial Preparation

Intense preparation before any litigation or trial is imperative to successfully win a case. The orchestration of the materials and content therein is what our team of trial specialists focus on in close collaboration with our clients.

Trial Support

Effective pretrial and trial services to lawyers and law firms are our main focus; collaborating with our clients to ensure that every little details gets the attention it needs for maximum impact in winning a case.

Additional Services

  • Website Design
  • Trial Data Archiving
  • Equipment Rental
  • Court Reporting
  • SolidWorks 3D Design
  • 3D Printing

Company Overview

Our staff of litigation services consultants and graphic designers brings professional insight and a number of media options designed and developed for each case, which helps enable you to present a visual and informative presentation.



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We always enjoy working with TrialMedia. They always go above and beyond!

- Jennifer Frangella

Leydig, Voit & Mayer, LTD.